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We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest standards of mental health care and implement a comprehensive approach involving all systems/persons in the client's treatment. We view it critical to establish and maintain working relationships with the medical team important to our client's treatment.

Our bilingual staff has experience and training in individual and family counseling, behavioral medicine, pain management, and vocational planning.

Workers' Compensation Services

Services we offer

Diagnostic Screenings
Individual Psychotherapy

Medication Management

Psychiatric Evaluations for

Presurgical Screenings
Social Services/Case Management

Workers' Compensation Locations

Medical Center

9500 Tioga Dr.

San Antonio, Texas 78230

Phone: (210) 616-0828


102 Palo Alto Rd., #300

San Antonio, Texas 78211

Phone: (210) 922-0828


12758 Cimarron Path #126

San Antonio, Texas 78249

Phone: (210) 888-1477

Make an Appointment

Clients are welcome to call our main office during normal business hours and speak to our Work Comp Coordinator to discuss their case.

In order to receive services under Workers' Comp, we must get a referral from a treating doctor.

 Once we receive the referral, we will call and schedule a Diagnostic Screening.

Please feel free to call our Work Comp Coordinator at  (210) 616-0828 ext. 100 or email us at

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